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Storytelling to address real world problems with researched based solutions. 

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Christine Peace


Meet Christine Peace, the creative force behind the impactful "Peace for Kids Series" and the founder of "C. Peace Wellness," a holistic coaching venture. With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and certifications as a trauma-informed 500-hour yoga teacher, Christine is a devoted lifelong learner. Committed to staying at the forefront of holistic wellness, she weaves engaging stories in her series to empower children with essential life skills. Drawing from personal challenges, Christine serves as a relatable guide for those on a journey toward wellness and personal growth.

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Alexa Kay Williams


Meet Alexa Kay Williams, our COO and the skilled illustrator behind our children's book series. Her blend of creativity and compassion shines through captivating illustrations that bring our stories to life. Beyond her artistic talent, Alexa is a dedicated and caring individual, extending support and hope in the substance use and mental health field. Her warmth and kindness resonate in her illustrations, making them relatable and heartwarming for young readers. Alexa aspires to inspire joy and creativity, fostering a love for storytelling. She is not just an illustrator but also a beacon of positivity and encouragement for both young readers and those she assists in her field.

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