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Children's Book Series

Peace for Kids is an expanding collection of children's books designed to foster connection and offer support to youngsters and their caregivers, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and the challenges they may encounter. Every installment in the Peace for Kids series is thoughtfully crafted to engage young readers with meaningful exercises and valuable lessons. What sets our series apart is the inclusion of a dedicated section for caregivers, providing a deeper insight into the book's exercises and lessons.  

Each part of the series spotlights a unique character, with the first book presenting an engaging narrative, followed by the second book in workbook format, allowing children to further explore and apply the valuable teachings from the story. Join us on a journey of discovery, empathy, and growth with Peace for Kids.

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Through a newfound friendship, Chrissy discovers the profound power of connection and community in adversity. 'Chrissy Creates a Reason' is a heartwarming, and heart string tugging, story which gently teaches children the importance of friendship and strength in facing life's challenges.

Chrissy Creates a Reason

Join Chrissy on an emotional journey as she faces her mother's absence and the surrounding mystery. In this touching tale, young readers will follow Chrissy as she invents an imaginative reason for her mother's absence to cope with the truth. 

Della Discovers Peace is a wellness introductory book for children (and their caregivers!) Journey with Della as she discovers peace through breathing exercises and yoga poses. Travel with Della through different challenging experiences and emotions- through which she discovers new (and sometimes even fun) skills to handle each.

Della's Dictionary for Peace is a unique A to Z affirmation book that goes beyond words! It introduces the American Sign Language alphabet, encourages letter writing practice, and boosts vocabulary. Caregivers will also find insightful educational content on the benefits of positive affirmations. Empower your child with self-esteem-building affirmations. Perfect for every child, it fosters self-love, a vital yet often overlooked skill.

Della Discovers Peace

Della's Dictionary for Peace

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