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Three Stitches & My Favorite Musician

"Balance is that thing I pass going from one extreme to another." - Unknown

A quote that repeatedly rings true in my own journey to wellness. It's really the reason I selected the name C. Peace Wellness, because I don't want to constantly live in extremes but instead find balance and acceptance. My most extreme example from 2021 of surpassing balance and finding myself unwell is what led to three stitches on my eyebrow.

First, I didn't eat breakfast. Second, I was taking on way too much responsibility. Three, I was in an unhealthy environment. It all culminated into an unexpected gas-lighting conversation, followed by returning to my over-the-top responsibilities and no lunch. In all the chaos something exciting was happening. My favorite music artist was conducting a zoom session with my clients. I asked him to do this and he agreed! Discussing mental health and music. My role, collect phones so no one records, no big deal. Except, I was running on no fuel except for the fumes from that earlier conversation.

Next thing I know I am sitting on the office floor blood dripping down from my eye asking everyone for my phone, which turned out to be in my own pocket. (I walked right into a pole.)

To clarify, it doesn't matter what the other circumstances were outside of my control that day. I had the knowledge to take better care of myself and I didn't choose to exercise it. This isn't a post about a victim, but instead someone who has the power and chooses not to take advantage of it.

It is no one's responsibility but my own to shape my internal environment regardless of my external environment. It is no one's responsibility but my own to walk away from something that isn't serving me. Because if it isn't serving me, how can I really serve it?

Does the quote, "Balance is that thing I pass going from one extreme to another" resonate with you? What is one way you can take a step closer to balance today? For me, it's reminding myself I am not a victim, I have the power to choose.
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