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The committee in my head...

“You should be doing something else right now.”

“You haven’t accomplished enough today.”

“You aren’t good enough.”

“You are better than this.”

“You’re being crazy, pretend everything’s okay.”

“You shouldn’t have said anything.”

This is the storyteller, named me.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes often I feel like I have a whole committee in my head. It makes it hard to feel content with whatever I am doing. Most people know of don Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements.” That’s also how I started my journey with the Toltec wisdom he shares. One of my goals for this summer has been to take in as many of his books as I can, but also really digest them. This experience has been aiding me in creating awareness and beginning to return the storyteller back to truth.

The process isn’t easy. The process isn’t always fun. Sometimes, it’s frustrating. I let myself be frustrated. Sometimes it feels like I take steps backwards. I accept this reality as a part of the process. Sometimes, I need support. So, I ask for it. Asking for support isn’t always easy, it doesn’t always come out directly, and it can be messy.

Part of my process, is a desire to share with others what I am learning. I miss leading group meditations and so I am starting a series of meditations (and blog posts) based on the many books by don Miguel Ruiz. This doesn’t cost anything, it’s just a resource I would like to offer back to the community. I hope you get something out of the information/meditations and please share your experiences!

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