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"d#$m- he was right."

I am a student x3. I am working on my second degree- this time focused on psychology, as opposed to the broader range of human services. Simultaneously, I am a Yoga teacher student to advance my current level of knowledge as a teacher in that domain even further. Third, and most importantly, I am a student every moment that I am mindful enough to be present. There is always so many opportunities to learn, to gain knowledge and experience- if I am open.

Sometimes I get distracted by ego, more often than I would probably like to admit. It is in the moments I look back and see I owe amends, have significant room for progress and missed an opportunity for increased knowledge and growth.

At times my partner will try to share his professional, or even personal insight and I quickly become resistant. Many times I looked back later and thought, "d#$m- he was right." How different my journey could be, if I were open?

As I was working on shifting directions in my day to day career, he mentioned the one job I was interested in accepting might be too boring for me. I thought, "Oh, no, I will love this!" Day one, Hour One, the boredom was there and it clearly wasn't going away. Had I been open to his insight, I would have saved 2 months of uncertainty, serious financial insecurity and a bit of my sanity.

What/who do you resist insight from, that maybe you want to reconsider?

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