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Christine Peace's Glossary on Wellness

I enjoy lively conversations and debates. Often when I find myself in a conversation where the other person and I do not seem to be on the same comes down to one thing: definitions. So let's place all of our cards (eh, definitions) out on the table before we dive into introductions.

Wellness: To find a homeostasis (or balanced state) of the 7 dimensions of wellness.

Let's expand on homeostasis through Oxford Languages Definition:

Homeostasis: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between

interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

The 7 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Environmental, Social, Emotional, Occupational/Financial, Intellectual and Spiritual. (We'll go more into depth on these in a future post(s)!) The 7 dimensions of wellness are interdependent, if one suffers the others are impacted.

Recovery: Recovery, to me, is taking a step closer to health (and wellness). Recovery doesn't mean fitting into some cookie cutter defintion- because that is not what wellness is. You are in recovery if you are doing one thing better for you today than before.

Progress not perfection: Which ties into the definition above, the work I do means doing your best, but your best today might actually be better than your best tomorrow. That is okay. What matters is that you keep going.

I believe this glossary will need updated and added to over time. Everyday is an opportunity to learn- if I don't see it that

way I am stifling my own wellness.

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