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A Primal Wound

Excerpt from Chrissy Creates a Reason, More for the Caregivers section

Even with all of the tools and support, parental abandonment, which is sometimes referred to as a primal wound, is still going to hurt. Much like grief, it never goes away or becomes easier, but when addressed in healthy ways, one can learn to live with and even thrive through it.

This character, Chrissy, is designed after myself and the primal wound created by the absence of my biological mother that led to so much wondering, imagining, & wishing. As a little girl I started to tell people she was a princess, and that was why she wasn’t around, because she was too busy with her princess duties. My father on the other hand, really is a spy (aka a private detective.)

To this day, I still do not have clear answers or understanding as to why my biological mother left. For most of us with primal wounds, no amount of searching ever fully removes and fills that void of “why?” However, a level of peace can be achieved. The more support provided and tools utilized throughout the childhood of someone with a primal wound, the more likely they are to achieve this peace, and the sooner. The child in your life needs your support to reach peace. Reading material like this is taking a huge step in that direction.

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