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Peace for Kids is a growing children's book series which teaches holistic wellness skills to children and their caregivers through story and workbook format. Peace for Kids is written by Christine Peace, owner of C. Peace Wellness. She is a Children's Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach and psychology student beginning her Master's degree in 2023 to ultimately pursue licensure as a therapist. Check out the current books by looking below.

Concrete Wall

Della Discovers Peace is a a wellness introductory book for children (and their parents!) Journey with Della as she discovers peace through breathing exercises and yoga postures.

Della's Dictionary for Peace is a positive affirmation book from A to Z, but that's not all! This book also provides opportunities to learn the American Sign Language alphabet, practice writing capital and lower-case letters, as well as expanding the reader's vocabulary. Even better, there is additional educational information for caregivers in the book to deepen their understanding on the benefits of positive affirmations. Positive Affirmations are a powerful tool to help children build their self-esteem. This is the perfect book for any child in your life! Help them to love themselves, an important and powerful skill that is often not taught. Positive Affirmations Writing and Reading Practice American Sign Language Alphabet Education for Caregivers Increased Vocabulary

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